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I began wearing braids when I realized the low maintenance and instant fabulous look that was achieved by wearing them. The rest it allowed my hair and purse strings was a extra blessing! I had no idea how hard it would be to find a product other than a PAINFUL rubber band to hold and adorn my hair. After realizing a ribbon was a short lived option I began buying them almost weekly because they would slide out of my hair. This particular summer day I decided to wash my own car. I was in the middle of rinsing my car off up and yes you guessed it the ribbon slid out! I sat in my car trying to figure out my next move when I pulled my coil cell phone charger out of my car wrapped it around my hair and did a dance!!! The coil was perfect. No pain,it was so  easy to wrap and such ease to take down. I knew that international class I took was going to come in handy!
Rocyalox is now on the shelves of Whole Foods and growing thanks to our loyal customer base of women and single dads who wanted such an item. Thank you all for helping grow ROCYALOX to the Number One Healthy Hair Accessory!


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